Wednesday, April 01, 2015

» Dannii Harwood gets a blanket present!

By Rachel Aldana at 10:21 AM

Dannii Harwood gets a blanket present

Dannii Harwood gets a blanket present!

Dannii got a new present delivered to her today from a member that thought she would look stunning wrapped up inside it on a cold cozy night. So what did Dannii do? She did a photo shoot just for him and he got an extra special present himself with a video of her naked with that blanket and it got hot and naughty under that blanket just for his eyes.

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Dannii Harwood gets a blanket present!
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» Dannii Harwood strips naked for neighbors!

By Bobbie Eden at 10:20 AM

Dannii Harwood strips naked for neighbors

Dannii Harwood strips naked for neighbors!

Dannii has just gotten home from work and she see's one of the neighbors peeking out his back window at her as she checks out back on her dogs. This big tits blonde decides to heat the moment up and does a striptease in the backyard just for him. She slowly removes her top and dress and reveals her stunning nude body and those big sexy tits pop right out of her tight fitting bra, you know the poor guy got an eyeful and probably started chewing on the curtains trying to contain himself. Once the heat hit the top level Dannii grabbed her clothes and slowly walked into the back door and disappeared from view ending a fantasy come true for one lucky fella.

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Dannii Harwood strips naked for neighbors!
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» Busty Brazilian Aline Rios

By Angelina Castro at 1:16 AM

We found the hottest chick on roller blades right on the beach last week. Her name was Aline, and she came right up to us all smiles looking for a skate park. We told her there wasn't one around, but she should totally come hang with us back at the apartment. It was very hot out, and she was thirsty so we convinced her to come back for some shade and a drink. Aline turned out to be a real freak, so we couldn't complain. She spilled some water on her top and started taking it right off. You can't miss this sexy momma with all her hot Brazilian curves, as she started playing with her pussy then jumped right in to sucking some cock. Aline even took a little back door action. Super hot, don't miss it!
hot tits in brazil
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

» Dannii Harwood is big tits latex maid!

By Angelina Castro at 9:41 PM

Dannii Harwood is big tits latex maid

Dannii Harwood is big tits latex maid!

Dannii has met up with a rich guy that wants her to be his maid but the one stipulation is that she wears his favorite latex uniform and she must be able to show off her big tits whenever he wants her to flash him. Dannii will do it, no problem but she wants to make sure he can handle her hot body so she does a little preview for him to see if his old heart can take the stress. Better safe than sorry down the road, just make sure there is an ambulance near by when he goes down for the count after seeing this babes super nice tits and ass.

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Dannii Harwood is big tits latex maid!
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» Valory Irene in fishnet bodysuit

By Kelly Madison at 11:57 AM

The Tight Bodysuit

The Tight Bodysuit

Check out the size of Valory's big natural boobs, this babe has one super hot body and this is what this episode is all about. Incredible tits, nothing like a hot brunette with big juicy tits you can play with all night long and that's what Valory loves to have done to her damn nice tits. Let's get to what's going on in this incredible photo shoot. The room is ready, Valory Irene is waiting. Looking breathtaking in a black netted bodysuit and FM heels, she lays back on her soft bed and runs her hands all over her gorgeous body. Now that you're here, she can begin. She feels her soft, pink pussy, exposed by the open crotch of this sexy outfit. Her large, natural tits are beautiful and she cannot keep her fingers off them.

Valory removes her bodysuit so she can feel her velvety smooth, sweet-smelling skin. Her fingers deftly glide through her fur-covered pussy. Yes, she has kept much of her bush in this video instead of shaving it bald. With her bodysuit off, and totally nude, Valory's tits splay naturally to the sides.

As she pleasures her gorgeous body, Valory reflects on the path that she has followed, from a girl with a routine job living with her family to becoming an international big-bust star. She begins to insert her middle finger into her increasingly wet snatch. Rubbing the inner walls of her pussy, stimulating her clitoris and speeding up her strokes, Valory's journey to orgasmic nirvana is almost complete.

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Valory Irene - The Tight Bodysuit
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» Amorina working her tits

By Angelina Castro at 11:50 AM

Workin' It

Big Tits are working it good

Amorina looks exceptionally pleased by her tits. Wearing a tight, silvery dress with a low-cut top, she runs her hands over her boobs, a big smile on her face. She pulls her dress down and under it, her tits bulge in her shiny bra. Her hands lift them up and down and jiggle them. She squishes them, squeezes them, pushes them together.

Standing up, Amorina seductively removes her dress and lowers her bra so that her nipples peep over the top. Amorina's slim body looks sexy in tight clothing. She pulls her tits out and, staring at the camera, sucks on her nipples, leaving lipstick stains on them.

Amorina pulls off her panties and gets back into bed naked in heels. She spreads her legs open and keeps on rubbing her tits and cunt, spreading her lips and fingering her clit. She sticks two into her meaty pink pussy and finger-bangs it while her other hand rubs her clit. She hasn't stop smiling since this scene opened. Her nipples get erect and she breathes heavily. Then she cums. Amorina eye-bangs the camera again, still smiling, as we leave her limp and spent on the bed.

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Amorina - Workin' It
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» Rebecca More tries anal sex

By Angelina Castro at 11:47 AM

Rebecca More the big tits british blonde milf gets it in the ass! Today was the day for a first with anal sex, Rebecca was wanting to see if she liked it and she found out that she loved it. It hurt at first then it turned into pure pleasure. Watch her eyes, they tell the whole story. See What's New At Rebecca More!!
Tags: blonde, big tits, red stockings, anal sex, blowjob, sex with high heels on, big tit blonde milf, she loves being a swingerRebecca More the big tits british blonde milf gets it in the ass
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Rebecca More tries anal sex
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» Deauxma with Puma Swede

By Vicky Vette at 11:44 AM

Huge Ass Titts
Deauxma goes girl on girl with Puma Swede
Deauxma and her hot big juggs blonde pornstar girlfriend Puma Swede bang each other in girl on girl sex! Holy huge tits these two hot babes have some super big hooters and they love eating hot shaved pussy! ! Both these babes might have man made big tits but they both are super hot and talk about a couple horny sluts ..More Huge Ass Tits!!

Deauxma goes girl on girl with Puma Swede
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» Briana Lee the busty pocahontas

By Briana Lee at 10:00 AM

Big Tits hottie Briana Lee is showing her extreme ways she satisfiies indians and cowboys .

Briana Lee the busty pocahontas

Briana Lee is a busty pocahontas and her ass is tight and big! Now this native american indian girl is super sexy and check out the sweet ass on her. Briana knows this kind of stuff drives her members crazy, that's why she loves to dress up and dress down.
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Briana Lee the busty pocahontas
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» Big Tits Dannii Harwood's Classroom

By Angelina Castro at 9:55 AM

Big Juggs blonde from england is a real class stopper when she walks in to teach the class!!

Big Juggs Classroom

Dannii Harwood is one super sexy big tits blonde teacher! How would you like to be in this wild blonde's math class? She teaches a lot more than just numbers and symbols. She teaches you how to keep your eyes focused on a hot babes hard body and especially how to fantasize about what it would be like to fondle and suck on a super nice set of big round juicy tits.
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Big Juggs Classroom
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» Huge Tits Elf Angelina Castro

By Angelina Castro at 9:53 AM

Huge Latin Tits

Angelina Castro the christmas helper

Angelina Castro is in her christmas elves outfit and she is showing off her big round latin butt! Angelina couldn't get christmas off her mind, so she dug out her old elves costume and damn does she look super naughty in it. Red and skin tight, this outfit really lets her reveal her super nice big round ass and her enormous round tits to all the other elves, lots of hard elf cock running around behind the scenes I am sure.
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Angelina Castro the christmas helper
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» Krystal has tiny tits

By Briana Lee at 8:29 AM

Krystal stopped by the CumFiesta house the other day because she needed a good dick down. She'd heard from her friend, Jessica, that there were big hard dicks at the house that were prime to fuck. Krystal had a hungry wet pussy that loved to get wrecked. She showed her perky sweet passwords and got entrance. Once inside, Tyler pounded her pussy deep hard and raw. Krystal loved every inch of Tyler's cock and every minute of getting fucked. Then she took a load on her face and licked up the drops!
very small tits
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» Big Natural Tits Skyler Selfies

By Vicky Vette at 8:18 AM

Skyler wanted to make some new friends, so she stopped by to hang with us. She and her succulent body were hot to trot. Skyler wasn't hiding anything as she continued to flash her panties. She was an open book. Skyler popped out her DD tits and stripped down to her see-through bikini. She was ready to play as she did some jumping jacks and jiggled her ass for us. After her warm up, Skyler got real friendly with Brannon's cock. She slobbered all over it and got it wet enough to slide in between her tits. They moved indoors to continue the fun. Brannon had plenty to grab onto as she worked her pussy on his rod. Her plump booty and luscious tits bounced in every direction. Brannon gave her face and tits a nice good coating. As she licked it up and rubbed in into her skin, she told us it was her first time on camera. We will probably be seeing more of this natural.
skyler a hot big tits natural cell phone lover
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Monday, March 30, 2015

» Big Tits blonde Lucy Zara does a striptease

By Angelina Castro at 10:32 PM

Lucy Zara is one hell of a hot dancer and she has a special gig coming up this week in London. Here she is going to show you a little of what the members of her site are going to get to watch that night. Check out how she wiggles that tight little ass and how she squeezes those beautiful big titties of hers. Not sure if she is going to do the splits, you'll have to watch and see.
hot ass big tits blonde lucy zara stripping
A very sexy striptease performed by the gorgeous Lucy Zara

A very sexy striptease performed by the gorgeous Lucy Zara
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» Cat Bangles loves the skin flute

By Pinup Girls at 11:54 AM

Cat On A Hot Skin Flute

Cat On A Hot Skin Flute

Cat Bangles moves her ass up and down in a doggie position while Rocky is boffing her. This girl loves to play dirty and is very enthusiastic and horny. She took to nude modeling and show sex with a bang. She really was meant to be a SCORE and Voluptuous Girl. Here, where she could really be appreciated.

When you work at an adult entertainment company you can ask girls questions that would get your face slapped or worse in any other company and you get away with it. How old was Cat when she got her cherry popped?

"I was 18," Cat said. "I was a late bloomer. I didn't get these bad girls until I was about 18. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had big boobs and nice little bodies and butts, and I still wasn't there yet. But when my boobs came in, they just blew up."

Did Cat or her girlfriends ever imagine she'd pose without a stitch of clothing on and get fucked by professional studs in hot videos at a place like SCORE?

"Oh, they wouldn't have believed it. I don't think I would have believed it. It was because I was such a late bloomer. People would tell me that I had a pretty face and things like that, but my body didn't really come in until later on. My boobs grew in all at once and then my butt did, too. Now I just love being naked whenever I can."

Watch "Cat On A Hot Skin Flute" and join the Cat Bangles fan-fun club!

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Cat Bangles - Cat On A Hot Skin Flute
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

» Kimberly Kendall is hot american tits

By Briana Lee at 4:28 PM

Kimberly Kendall in Vote For the School Slut President
!Kimberly Kendall in Vote For the School Slut President!

The race for student president was fierce, with Danny D competing for votes with everything he had. But how was a nerd like Danny going to stand any chance of competing against a stacked, big-tit hottie like Kimberly Kendall? When Kimberly stood up in front of the class, Danny couldn't help but imagine her ass-naked, spreading her cheeks wide open to let him peek at her flawless asshole. As Danny's fantasies ran wild, he imagined himself sliding his wiener between her big oily tits, and offering her his foot-long sausage to suck on. In his horny day-dreams, Danny turned out that naughty schoolgirl Kimberly on the teacher's desk, fucking her hard and raw until he striped her face with a fat load of jizz!

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» Payton West in The Cock Doc!

By Angelina Castro at 12:11 PM

Payton West in The Cock In The Doc!
You better believe any free second Dr. Sins and Dr. Payton West find in their day, they run immediately to an unused room for a quickie. Johnny can't get enough of Payton's big juicy tits, as you'll see from the way he licks and caresses her nipples. When one of his patients requested a female doctor to examine her vagina, Dr. West came in to help. First, Payton jumped in the stirrups and let Dr. Sins demonstrate the exam by fingering her shaved pussy. The patient might not have been impressed, but Dr. Sins had a blast finger-banging and eating out Payton's pussy, then he pounded her from behind until she moaned with the pleasure of an intense orgasm.
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Payton West in The Cock In The Doc!
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» My Big Tits Mother In Law

By Vicky Vette at 9:49 AM

Xander's never been a huge fan of his mother-in-law, because of the smart mouth she's had since her divorce. To stop Alura walking around the house criticizing his lifestyle and chirping his manhood, Xander decided to shut that Milf's yap by stuffing a cock down her throat. With Alura goading him on to fuck her mouth and choke her with his boner, Xander rammed his member inside her to the hilt. After titfucking and motorboating Alura's massive melons, Xander flipped Alura over and started beasting her pussy from behind. By their end of their intense fuck session, Alura was sweet as pie, and ready to do whatever her son-in-law wanted.
big tits alura jensen the blonde mother in law
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» Big Tits Bisexual Jessica Jaymes

By Angelina Castro at 9:07 AM

Jessica might have been able to put up with the attention Jaclyn has been giving her husband recently, but when she showed up to her party in a slutty, flashy blue dress, that was the last straw. After letting her know she was onto her schemes, Jessica found Jaclyn in the bedroom rifling through her things and took it upon herself to call her out. Somehow that firecracker Jaclyn convinced Jessica to jump into bed with her, even just to try lesbian sex. Watch the angry sex that followed, as Jessica got all of her frustration and sexual urges out in a nasty session of girl/girl fucking.
jessica jaymes the big tits vixen gets hot and nasty with lesbian neighbor
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» Big Tits Pornstar Nikki Nine blows an old flame

By Angelina Castro at 7:27 AM

Only a guy like Keiran would receive a visit from an old flame who wanted his dick so badly she was willing to seduce him at a party in front of his new fiancee. Nikki Nine knew exactly what she wanted, and that was to use a session of hot sex to convince Keiran the flame was still burning strong. Once Nikki got Keiran alone in the bathroom, Nikki pulled open her dress to show him her big fake tits and tease him with her creamy smooth skin. Keiran shoved his cock down Nikki's throat, and split her in half with his member. Did Keiran give a fuck when his future wife saw him balls deep in his ex? No way. He enjoyed every moment throwing it in Nikki's sweet snatch.
Nikki Nine

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

» Big Tits Lolly Ink Jacking The Jacker

By Angelina Castro at 12:34 AM

With her marriage on the rocks thanks to her loser husband, Lolly Ink was in serious need of a real man's company. Lolly found her chance to get some relief one day when she and her husband pulled into the garage only to discover a burglar had broken in. Lolly eagerly followed every one of Johnny's orders, unzipping his pants and grabbing his rock-hard dick. With her husband watching, Lolly gave Johnny the kind of enthusiastic, cum-hungry blowjob she hadn't been inspired to give in years. With her peach of an ass hanging out the passenger window, Johnny stretched out her pussy, nailing her with an intensity she forgot was possible!

look at lolly ink's big firm tits lolly ink is hot as hell

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Friday, March 27, 2015

» Angelina Castro has some huge tits

By Angelina Castro at 1:31 PM

Hot ass beauty with man made tits knows how to get herself off anytime she wants to. Angelina is what they call a very nasty latina slut!!

Angelina Castro in hot pink

Angelina Castro the huge big tits cuban hottie really looks wicked in pink! Nobody fucks like a wild cuban babe and Angelina is no different. This firey big tits slut has what it takes to make guys cum in buckets when she wants them to. Check out what she is up to today with this new movie gallery she is teasing her friends with.
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Angelina Castro in hot pink
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» Dannii Harwood big tits british

By Angelina Castro at 7:52 AM

Dannii Harwood - big tits blonde posing in a sexy latex maids outfit is totally hot and naughty. Horny babe Dannii Harwood is trying on her new uniform for you today, she's all dressed up in a sexy PVC latex maid outfit. Do you want to see her on her hands and knees getting her hands dirty?

dannii harwood big tits blonde latex model

PVC and Pantyhose featuring Dannii Harwood
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

» Sha Rizel reveals huge tits

By Angelina Castro at 6:02 AM

beautiful raven haired beauty Sha Rizel shows her huge natural tits

Sha Rizel wears a red top over a black bra, skintight black pants and star-spangled high heels. Very American footwear. Sha takes off her top. Her big breasts form high-crested boob mounds in her supportive bra. She kicks off her shoes and pulls off her pants to reveal her slim hips in black panties.

Sha stands up and fondles her body and huge natural tits, her metallic bracelet making jangly sounds as her hands slide around her slim and stacked figure. Her underwear is about to be left on the way to the divan in a few seconds. The camera is low and pointing up at Sha for some sexy in-your-face angles. Sha removes her bracelet and drops it on the divan. Stretching out on it, Sha is now totally nude and barefoot.

Sha caresses her pussy and hooters and sticks her tongue out to lick her boobs. She takes one of her metal earrings and rubs it on her, then tosses it. She alternates between rubbing her pussy and her tits, writhing from the pleasure she is giving herself. A girl who's serious competition in any beauty contest she enters, Sha has a powerful sensuality that the camera picks up whether it's in pictures or in video.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

» Holly Halston has awesome tits

By Angelina Castro at 12:08 AM

Lap My Top

Lap My Top

Holly Halston began making porn when she was 26. She said at that age, she discovered what she really wanted and began exploring sex and her body. This was her first scene for SCORE. Her body is tight and toned. Dressed in a white bra and panties and wearing platform shoes that make her legs look sexier, she plays on a computer.

Troy, her then-husband, comes into the bedroom, sees her on her tummy looking at websites and wants her body right there. Holly is game to go. She is sexually assertive, one of her personality traits, and tells him she wants to suck his cock.

This scene has lusty cock sucking and pussy eating and many different pussy and ass fucking positions. Holly is a deep throat expert. Watch her take the whole hog down. Only 5' and 95 pounds, petite Holly and Troy became a porn team for years, fucking only each other in videos.

Holly trained Christy Marks in how to prepare for anal sex and returned to SCORE to shoot the DVD My WIfe Your Meat, fucking other porn studs for the first time in her career. Later, the couple split and Holly continued on in porn, fucking the usual suspects.

In recent times, Holly has become a world traveler visiting Thailand and other countries. Her body is as tight and fit as it was in this video.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

» German Loves To Be Ass-fucked

By Angelina Castro at 6:34 PM

German Superstar Loves To Be Ass-fucked

Many say that super-sexy Annina is the hottest, wildest, nastiest (in a good way) big-boobed porn star in Germany. SCORE first met and photographed German porn superstar Annina in Berlin.

Her credits include ten SCORE magazines. The record for appearances by a German is held by Chloe Vevrier followed by Julia Miles, but they had posed for years while Annina's first mag was May 2008.

"It was a pleasure for me," said Annina about being part of the SCORE team. "I couldn't believe it when I saw the first magazine. It's very great. A lot of my fans in Germany sent me the magazine and asked me to sign the cover. They were very excited and glad to see me on the cover. It is a big deal to be on the cover of SCORE if you have big boobs."

Annina hooked up with SCORE in the Caribbean to enjoy two men ravaging her butthole and fucking her tits, mouth and cunt in several videos. She loves anal. Loves it. This hard-pounding encounter takes place in the kitchen with JMac. Annina really knows how to grind the cock with her cunt and her anus.

Annina is very spontaneous about sex. However, she's not just another porn star in it for the Euros and the fame and the fans. She's a genuine human sex doll who's always hot for fucking and she loves double penetration. We interviewed Annina at SCORE in person before she flew out of Miami to shoot this scene. Impressive on-film, she's even more impressive live and in person.

"I do not like to plan sex. For example, I might go shopping today on South Beach and meet a man who I want to have sex with. Then I will just do it. It will not be like, 'Oh, today I am going to have sex with this man.' It is more like, 'I wonder if I will meet a man and have sex today,' and when it happens, it is much more exciting. In cars. On boats. Not all the time in bed, and I like it outside. If it happens, it happens. Without a plan. Sometimes I want to have sex and I am not in a bedroom. Then you just have to have it right there, wherever you are."

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» Cara Reid the hot milf

By Vicky Vette at 4:01 PM

MILF of the Month

The MILF of the Month is the amazing over-60 busty blonde Cara Reid who is getting the shaft from Tony DeSergio. The kind of shaft that's very good for her.

How did Cara get here?

"My friend Sally D'Angelo," said Cara. "I love me some Sally. I didn't know anything about this. She was reluctant to bring it up. She didn't want me to think badly of her, but I told her I thought it was awesome! Then she said that I would be perfect, and I told her, 'Let me think about that.' One thing led to another. I took photos then I got a phone call two days later, and so it began."

So, to sum up, Cara is buddies with Sally D'Angelo. They are friends who ride motorcycles together with their spouses. Cara didn't know that Sally is a porn star or that Sally and her husband are swingers. Sally didn't know that Cara and her husband are swingers. When Cara learned Sally was more than a swinger and is a porn star, the wheels spun into third gear

"I lived a very sheltered life so I think this is wild. 15 years ago I met my second husband. He opened my eyes to all kinds of things. I had a Southern upbringing with the bible, church, things like that. As I was growing up I would feel things inside, but society says that ladies don't do things like that. I was raised like that. But then when I met my second husband he said he saw in me something that I wasn't aware of. It had been repressed."

Repressed no more!

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damn sexy blonde milf with an appetite for tons of hard sex from morning til night!
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» Kitty Langdon

By Angelina Castro at 12:19 PM

Clean My Pipes!

Kitty is a maid at a seedy hotel. It is the kind of place where people go to have illicit trysts and remain anonymous. She usually never sees any of the patrons who frequent the place because they are long gone before she goes into their rooms to clean. That is, until the one day that she was cleaning a room and realized that there was a man watching her from the bathroom. She was caught off guard, but there was something about him that rendered her powerless. She wanted to submit to him. That is why when he walked over to her, she began to undo her hair from its tight coil. He ran his fingers through it and then smelled it. "I want to touch you," he told her. "I want to be touched, sir," she replied. And so their game of master and servant began. He had his way with her, worshiping her feet and pummeling her pussy with his hardness. By the time he came all over her shoes, she was ravished. Then he got dressed and checked out. And Kitty, spent the day with his cum all over her shoes as a reminder of her indiscretion.

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sexy asian tits on this hot and horny asian woman
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» Gisele big hooters blonde

By Angelina Castro at 3:10 AM

Gisele looks stunning revealing her big tits and nice ass! Gisele say's "I love to tease my members and when they least expect it, I give them the whole deal and let them watch me bring myself to a complete orgasm that makes my whole body shake and shiver.
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Gisele Pictures Big Tits-Gisele has such a nice ass Gisele Movies
super nice hooters on this beautiful blonde goddess!!

Gisele has such a nice ass
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» Ginger Black big tits milf

By Deauxma at 2:54 AM

Ginger is the I.T. guy's it girl

"In my spare time, I check out adult novelty shops and theaters," said Ginger Black, a 41-year-old MILF from New Jersey. "It's exciting to think that I might go into a store one day and see myself!"

She means photos of herself in 40Something magazine or maybe a DVD of this scene, Ginger's first hardcore shoot.

"I wanted to try something new," Ginger said when we asked her why she posted a listing on an Internet models-wanted site.

In this scene, Ginger is having trouble with her laptop computer and calls an I.T. guy. He finds some racy photos of Ginger on the computer. She tells him she does some cam-modeling. Then she sucks his cock and fucks him. The guy is J-Mac. Any first-timer who takes on JMac's big cock is already in advanced territory.

Ginger has been a bartender, a waitress, an interior designer and a rack girl for a billiards company. She does have a nice rack. Her tits are DD-cups. She has blond hair and hazel eyes. She has two kids, and she's divorced. She's a swinger. She's a milf and she is always ready for a hard big cock to stuff into all her tight milf holes..

"I would like to try a bukkake contest," she said. "I saw one online."

Hey, we should have all of the members line up and jack off on her face.

"I'd like that," she said.

We're sure she would.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

» Capri Cavanni has big firm tits

By Angelina Castro at 10:06 AM

Big Tits

Sauna Submission

As Capri Cavanni luxuriated in the sauna heat, feeling hot drips of sweat run between her big tits and down her flat stomach, a horny lady walked in and made it very clear she wasn't going to leave Capri alone. As soon as Karlie dropped her towel and began putting on a naked show of masturbating her pussy right there, Capri knew she was not going to be able to resist the tempation of joining in. Karlie took the lead, teasing Capri's neck and ears and spreading her legs wide so she could finger and lick her pussy with the skill of a truly experienced lesbian whore. Capri did everything she was told, licking greedily when Karlie dropped her juicy ass on her face, and after facesitting, licked her clit until Karlie came hard in her mouth. Capri Cavanni and Karlie Montana Sex Video in Sauna Submission!
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Sauna Submission
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